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July 15, 2021

Disclosure: The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Advantage Gold or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Advantage Gold and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.

The Bottom Line: When it comes to precious metal IRA rollovers, the industry leader is Advantage Gold. The experts on their team specialize in converting an eligible 401(K) or existing IRA into gold or another precious metal.

advantage gold logo

Best in Customer Service


  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Outstanding customer reviews
  • U.S. Mint listed dealer
  • Low annual fees

Overall Rating


A- BBB Rating

Average review rating 5/5 on TrustLink

Pros & Cons


  • Access to a team of IRA experts
  • U.S. Mint listed dealer
  • Reputable custodians & depositories
  • Buyback program


  • Fairly new company
  • Account setup must be over the phone

When you hear the term diversification, what do you think of?

Many people associate it with buying bonds, stocks, or mutual funds.

Although they are traditional ways to diversify, at their core they are still identical since they are all tied in with the dollar.

They tank if the economy does.

That doesn't really sound like diversification.

As it turns out, there is a different way you can diversify.
This method is not tied to the stock market or the dollar.

You may be thinking that I am referring to some new age, outrageous investing method but it's not.

This one is old school.

Precious metals are the best approach to diversifying independently of the stock market and the dollar.

Today we will be discussing Advantage Gold. This precious metal investment company specializes in silver and gold.

advantage gold logo


Minimum Investment: $25,000

Promotion: Invest $50,000 (waives all fees for the first year )

Fees:  $225/year

About Advantage Gold: Best IRA Accounts

Although this gold ira firm is a fairly new player in the precious metals industry, Advantage Gold is making a big name for itself as a Gold IRA leader. Advantage Gold has helped thousands of clients protect and diversify their wealth using precious metals.  Thanks to the firm's dedication to education, it is an outstanding option for new precious metals ira investors.

All aspects of the gold based ira business model of Advantage Gold are focused on educating its customers - from its customer support team to its retirement gold website.  

Advantage Gold was established in 2014 and its headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. The company has 35 employees, with a majority of them being Precious Metal IRA specialists.

AdvantageGold.com - Company Background & Information

Be sure to ask for the 100% free gold investment kit offered by Advantage Gold by clicking here. It is full of valuable information about this gold investment company and on Gold IRAs.

Advantage Gold (www.advantagegold.com) refers to itself as a leader of Precious Metal IRA rollovers. There are several different reasons why they can justify this. The firm has an IRA department that is fully staffed and specializes in converting IRAs that are already established to Precious Metal IRA accounts. Advantage Gold focuses is strongly committed to education and believes that their best customers are educated individuals. Their retirement investment business is focused on educating clients on all Gold IRA aspects and the various kinds of coins and how to conduct transactions. This company provides honest and transparent pricing, knowledgeable account executives, and fast service.

They have a First Time Gold Investor Program where they focus on helping beginners with gold and other precious metals. Their experienced account representatives will guide you through the complete process of physical precious metals investment. This program includes them outlining the benefits you can enjoy when you invest in gold and other types of precious metals. They will teach about the different selections you can choose from, and guide you through the process step by step of establishing a gold in IRA account or rolled over from an existing IRA. As a welcome bonus, they will waive your first-year fee if your rollover transaction is $50,000 or higher.

Advantage Gold also has a special offer called First Time Delivery Discount. You will be eligible for this discount if your new gold backed ira account is funded with a minimum of $25,000. It benefits customers who are purchasing precious metals who intend to take delivery of them.  They will be delivered by the company with free shipping and fully insured as part of their program. Advantage Gold also guarantees fast delivery times. Typically their products arrive in two to three business days. They are some of the fastest deliveries promised and achieved within the retirement investment industry.

Advantage Gold's  Management Team

Kirill Zagalsky co-founded Advantage Gold. He started his career with a nationally known and U.S. Mint-listed dealer. During his time there, Precious Metals IRAs were his specialty. Since then, Kirill has assisted hundreds of customers with converting their traditional IRAs into Precious Metals IRAs. In addition, he has facilitated numerous customer purchases and the delivery of precious metals.  For years, Kirill served as a Vice President for a well-known commodity brokerage firm and as a futures market broker. During his time there he supervised the company's senior brokers and was a top producer. He trained the firm's brokers as well. Kirill has appeared on various media channels to discuss precious metals and IRA'S on NBC and other national outlets.  

Another Advantage Gold co-founder is Adam Baratta. Before Baratta co-founded Advantage Gold, he worked at a national listed U.S Mint dealer, where he served as a Senior Account Executive and was a Gold 401K rollover specialist. Baratta takes great pride in closely working with each client to accomplish their long-term precious metals investment goals. Over the years, he has assisted in helping a number of high-net-worth people preserve and protect their wealth through the use of precious metal investing. He has been a successful entrepreneur as well, and has founded financed, and organized multiple ventures, especially within the entertainment industry. Baratta is an award-winning producer, director, and writer. He is the co-founder of a motion picture production company that partners with NBC Universal and the NHL. He serves on the Board of Directors and continues to play a very integral role.

Advantage Gold Storage and Custodian

Advantage Gold works closely with one of the precious metals IRA industry's leading gold ira custodians. It is Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. Their clients are also able to choose their own IRA-approved custodian if they want to. There are two preferred storage partners that they use to insure and vault precious metals. They are Delaware Depository (with its vault located in Wilmington, DE) and Brink's Global Services USA, Inc. (with vault locations in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles).

Advantage Gold Services and Products

There is more carried by Advantage Gold than just gold coins and gold bullion. They also offer platinum, palladium, and silver bullion that is suited for IRAs and other types of retirement investments. Advantage Gold offers a good selection of Royal Canadian and U.S. commemoratives and mint coins. They do not sell any European precious metal coins or from other areas in the world.

Their accreditations include the following:

  • Business Consumer Alliance accredited and A-rated member.
  • Better Business Bureau accredited and A-rated member.
  • U.S. Mint-listed dealer.
  • American Numismatic Association verified member.

The company is particularly helpful for people who are new to precious metals investing and Gold and Silver IRAs. Their greatest strengths are their first-time buyer and education programs. Their main focus is on Precious Metals IRA-approved bullion products. Coin collectors may prefer a firm that offers collectible and European coins as well.

Advantage Gold's financial team provides its customers with transparent pricing and comprehensive information on all of its precious metals IRA and coin accounts. The firm wants its clients to be able to make informed, educated decisions regarding their retirement options.

A wide range of investor education materials is offered by Advantage Gold, including market charts that update in real-time, retirement protection resources, webinars, workshops, and free videos.

Advantage Gold trades and sells popular palladium, platinum, silver, and gold coins. They also have a buyback program for people wanting to liquidate their metals. Their refund policy is very generous and they pay fair market value on returns.

The company also provides self-directed IRA accounts that are compliant with the IRS and approved for gold bars, bullion, and coins. Advantage Gold strongly believes that precious metals are a solid diversification strategy for a majority of retirement portfolios. There is dedicated staff who are committed to assisting customers with rolling over their IRA or 401k accounts so that physical precious metals are included. Advantage Gold believes that overall portfolio volatility is reduced by precious metals IRA accounts and that a hedge is created against economic downturns.

Why Should You Invest in Precious Metals?

Protection and stability are provided to your investments by precious metals since they historically trend in the opposite direction that mutual funds, bonds, and stocks do.

When a small portion of your overall portfolio is dedicated to metals, it balances your portfolio and helps to protect against a recession. Also, precious metals are considered to be the very foundation of a solid and strong portfolio.  

Numerous celebrities (including Tony Robbins and Kevin O'Leary) endorse using gold within allocation strategies. So if you are searching for a way to help protect your investments, one good way you can do that is to invest in precious metals.

Approved IRA Metals That Can Be Invested In

All Advantage Gold's offerings of precious metal are all IRA approved. Customers enjoy the convenience of choosing from a mix that includes the following options:

  • Gold - 11 coin options (American, Canadian, and Austrian)
  • Silver - 10 coin and bullion options (American, Canadian, Austrian, and Mexican)
  • Platinum - 5 coin options (American, Canadian, and Australian)
  • Palladium - 1 coin option (Canadian)
approved ira coins

Retirement Investment Account Types

One investment account is offered by Advantage Gold - the Gold IRA Account.
The account provides you with complete control over all the different kinds of precious metals that you own.
You can also invest in paper assets such as bonds and stocks.
Gold IRAS are subject to the identical tax rules that other IRAs are.
Contributions to your self-directed account get deducted from your total federal income taxes.
All of the precious metals and other assets in your account cannot be withdrawn without penalty until you reach 59 1/2 years old.
At age 70 1/2 there is a minimum distribution that you are required to take.

Note: Your Gold IRA can also be set up to be a Roth IRA. When this is done, and you reach age 70 1/2, you are not required to take out any minimum distributions.

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advantage gold free ira ebook

Which Types Of Investors Is Advantage Gold Best Suited For?

Although Advantage Gold believes that all investors should diversify using precious metals, the company is best suited for the following types of investors:

First-time investors: The company has a comprehensive gold ira investing program designed for first-time investors. Advantage Gold is head and shoulders above all competitors in terms of educating beginners on how important precious metals are and what makes them different from other types of assets.

Long-term investors: It is recommended by Advantage Gold that you hold precious metals for 3 to 5 years at least, but preferably 5 to 10 years in order to maximize your potential gains. When precious metals are not held that long by investors, you will not be able to recoup your losses from potential markups and fees.

Not sure if you qualify for a Gold IRA?

Gold IRA Eligibility quiz

Advantage Gold Storage Fees and Pricing

Advantage Gold, in contrast to some precious metals companies, takes great pride in its transparent pricing. It publishes rates for the various gold investment services it provides.

Advantage Gold Fees For Precious Metal IRAs

Service Type:

Service Fee:

Initial Setup Fees


Annual Administrative Fees


Annual Storage Fees


The preferred gold ira custodian that Advantage Gold partners with is STRATA Trust Company and its preferred depositories are Brink's Global Services and Delaware Depository.

Advantage Gold Ratings, Reviews, and Complaints:  What Customers Are Saying

#1 Trusted gold ira company on trustlink

It would be hard for you to find customer reviews that are better than the ones Advantage Gold receives.

Advantage Gold on Trust Pilot, the company has more than 1,049 reviews and a perfect 5 out of 5-star rating.

Advantage Gold's profile on BBB (Better Business Bureau) has 15 reviews and a 4.75 out of 5-star rating with no customer complaints.  
Advantage Gold on TrustLInk, it has more than 400 reviews and once again a 5 out of 5-star rating.

Since 2013, the company has received 2 complaints but has worked to solve both of these issues promptly, resulting to the current zero complaints. For a company with thousands of customers, it is not a bad track record to have had two complaints since the company's inception.

What Do Customers Like About Advantage Gold?

Clients rave about the outstanding Gold 401K IRA specialists. They state that the team is totally transparent, honest, and professional." It doesn't matter how complex some of the questions are, straightforward answers are given by the team, and they help customers secure in their decision to purchase actual metal instead of gold ETFs or stocks.

Customers state that their financial team is one of the major reasons why they decided to go with Advantage Gold instead of a different precious metal investment company. That is very impressive!

Customers also really like how they are empowered by Advantage Gold with the necessary knowledge for making confident decisions. Customers say they are able to sleep well at night knowing that there is a strong team of dedicated 401K Gold professionals working on their behalf.

According to customers, the liquidating process is a breeze as well. One customer said he got his cash-out payment within just two hours of talking to customer service.

Gold IRA Comparison:  Advantage Gold vs. Competitors


goldco investment
  • Yearly Fee: $175-$225
  • Minimum Investment: $25,000
  • Promotion: 5% back on metals over $50k

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birch precious metals
  • Yearly Fee: $180
  • Minimum Investment: $10,000
  • Promotion: Waived fees on larger investments

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What is Unique About Advantage Gold?

Advantage Gold comes with an impressive and long list of unique features. The following are 9 benefits you will want to be aware of.

1. The Advantage Gold Welcome Bonus

There are two welcome bonuses that Advantage Gold offers to new investors:

•  Invest $25,000 and get free rapid delivery (this applies only if you want to take physical possession of your metals).
•  Invest $50,000 and  Advantage Gold will waive all of their fees for your first year.

2. TrustLink's No. 1 Rated Gold IRA Company 

For three consecutive years, Advantage Gold has been awarded the Best of TrustLink due to its 100% 5-star rating. And it looks like they might earn the award again.

TrustLink is among the most trusted websites on the Internet since they use a fact-checking system to make sure all reviews are true.

3. Advantage Gold's First-Time Gold Investor Program 

The mission of Advantage Gold is to educate its new investors in all precious metal asset areas. The company's professionals assist investors with:

• Rollover existing IRAs
• Guide them through getting their account established
• Understand the differences among its extensive selection of metals

4. Advantage Gold Education Center

The company has one of the most comprehensive learning centers that we have ever seen. It includes webinars, market charts, workshops, videos, and more.

Part of the mission of Advantage Gold is to educate investors about the importance of using precious metals to diversify - particularly new investors.

So it makes sense that the company has spent so much time on the resources it provides.

5. US Mint-Listed Dealer

Buying from a US Minted-listed dealer such as Advantage Gold means that you can be confident knowing that you are purchasing authentic precious metals.

6. Reputable Storage Options

IRS regulations require IRA precious metals to be stored in a third-party approved depository.
Advantage Gold has partnered with some of the top vault providers in the world.
Through its Brinks partnerships - one of the top maximum-security storage companies - your precious metals can be stored in either Salt Lake City or Los Angeles. 

Your precious metals can also be stored in Wilmington, DE with the company Delaware Depository.

This company has more than 200 years' worth of experience working with precious metals, Class 3 vaults, and state-of-the-art security systems.

7. Buyback Program

Are you interested in liquidating your precious metals?
If so, Advantage Gold will purchase them from you at their fair market value!
That is another thing that makes the company stand apart from all the rest (it is always another way you can be confident that you are purchasing an authentic product).
Once you are ready to sell, you just need to fill a form out and fax or email it to Advantage Gold.
After it is received by the company, they will lock in your buyback price, your metals will be transferred to another vault, and then the funds will be wired to you.
The entire process will normally take less than 24 hours to complete.

8. Professional Customer Support

Doing a quick search on Google will show you what a powerful following Advantage Gold has.

Customers swear by its support team. 

Advantage Gold has won Best of Trustlink for three consecutive years due to its outstanding customer service. The firm has an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, with hundreds of online gold ira reviews and a perfect 5 out of 5-star review rating across multiple sites.

9.  Free Copy Of The Book "The New Case For Gold" By Best Selling Author James Rickards

Reading this book will explain why during financial turbulent times, precious metals can help you weather the storm, the importance of retirement portfolio diversification and how you can protect your money from the negative effects of inflation.

Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold is undoubtedly a leader when it comes to precious metal IRA rollovers. They have experts specializing in the conversion of your existing IRA or eligible 401(K) into gold, silver and other precious metals.

How to Get Your Advantage Gold Account Set Up

A gold IRA is a type of Individual Retirement Account where physical gold or other types of approved precious metals are kept in custody for the benefit of the IRA account owner. It has all of the same features that a traditional IRA does, but physical coins, bars, or bullions are held instead of any paper assets.

Advantage has dedicated account executives working in its full-service gold IRA department. The executive will help you understand the different options that are available to you and will get your gold IRA account set up. Your personal account executive also will contract the current custodian or financial advisor and process the 401K rollover or transfer for you.

You are required by Advantage Gold to set your account set up with a certified gold investments advisor over the phone.  It is a very straightforward process to open up a Gold IRA account with Advantage Gold. The following steps are involved in the process:

Step 1:

  • Apply for a self-directed IRA. Go to Advantage Gold's website and then sign up to get a self-directed IRA. Fill in all of the required information on the firm's Client and Shipping Agreement form. Before you sign it make sure that you review it first. Upload a copy of your most recent account statement and then click on the submit button.

Step 2:

  • Application review — Your request will be reviewed by an investment professional and contact you to discuss your options with you.

Step 3:

  • Process the rollover or transfer - The Advantage Gold team will communicate with your current custodian or investment company to process your IRA transfer or rollover for you.

Step 4:

  • Set up and fund your account - After a successful transfer or rollover, Advantage Gold will get your self-directed IRA account set up and fund based on your requirements.

Funding A Gold IRA

A gold IRA account can be opened with Advantage Gold in two ways:

First of all, you can roll over or transfer an existing IRA into a Gold IRA.

When a transfer is done, you can ask your IRA to be rolled over to STRATA Trust Company (the preferred custodian of Advantage Gold) from your current custodian.

A check will then be written to STRATA Trust Company by our current custodian and then your funds will be transferred over.

Second, you can take the distributions from your existing IRA account yourself and deposit the funds to a new IRA. Just be aware that you must make the deposit within 60 days in order to avoid taxes and penalties. You are also only allowed to make this kind of transfer one time per year.

FAQs About Advantage Gold

Is Advantage Gold a safe company?

Yes, it is. Like with all other investments, past performance does not indicate future results. Advantage Gold admits that over time precious metals' values could potentially decline.

We cannot predict the future. However, when it comes to investment companies, Advantage Gold is about as legitimate as there is.

The firm has hundreds of positive reviews and an A+ rating at BBB.

Your personal information will not be sold by Advantage Gold to any third-party sites. STRATA Trust Company is used as its preferred custodian and its preferred depositories are Brink's Global Services and Delaware Depository.

How can my Gold IRA account be liquidated?

Your Gold IRA account that you have with Advantage Gold can be liquidated in two ways.
You can take physical possession of the metals (your bullion and coins will be mailed to you) or they can be cashed out based on what their fair market value is.

How Advantage Gold and Regal Assets compare with each other?

If you would like to invest only in IRA precious meals, then the best option might be Advantage Gold.
However, a better fit might be Regal Assets, if you would like to invest in both cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

Is Advantage Gold legitimate?

Advantage Gold first started to operate within the precious metals investment industry in 2014. The company is under ten years old. However, for three years in a row, it has been named Best of TrustLink as the top company within the precious metals category. This means that Advantage Gold is definitely a legitimate company.

Which Investors Is Advantage Gold Best Suited For?

Advantage Gold is perfect for first-time investors. The company has a comprehensive training program that is dedicated to educating new investors on the benefits associated with precious metals investments. The company can also benefit long-term investors. It recommends that investors hold their precious metals for five years at least in order to maximize their potential gains.

Is it recommended to invest with Advantage Gold?

The top priority of Advantage Gold is their clients. Before they make any suggestions, the firm first listens to the needs of the clients. The final decision is always made by the customer.

So when you invest with Advantage Gold, that means you are completely in charge and totally aware of what you are getting into.

To set up your IRA Account what is the minimum amount?

Although there is no minimum amount for opening an Advantage Gold IRA account, due to the yearly IRA custodial fees, it is best to invest a minimum of $5,000.

How can my Gold IRA account be funded?

Your Gold IRA account with Advantage Gold can be funded via a new IRA contribution, a bank wire for a Direct Delivery, or via a rollover.

Is gold considered to be a liquid asset?

Gold is maybe the world's most liquid asset. For over 6,000 years gold has had value. It is one of the very few assets that can be taken across the world and liquidated.

It holds universal value and is acceptable over all of the currency pairs. Investment-grade gold can be sold anywhere in the world, so if you own gold, you don't need to rely on the U.S. dollar.

Does Advantage Gold offer a buyback program?

Yes, the company has one of the industry's most straightforward buyback policies. The value they offer is often better than their competitors when buying back precious metals from their clients.  

The company believes that the best value is deserved by its clients. So instead of the spot price being paid, Advantage Gold always pays whatever the prevailing market rate is for each coin that it buys back. Usually, the market rate is higher than what the spot price is.

Should You Invest Using Advantage Gold?

If you would like to diversify your retirement portfolio, the best thing to do is to invest in both traditional assets as well as nontraditional assets such as precious metals. The team at Advantage Gold can help t educate you, guide you through the entire process, and help to calm your nerves.

Even if you don't know anything about precious metal investing, you can be confident knowing that you are in good hands. If you happen to be an experienced investor with decades of experience, Advantage Gold can help you as well. Compared to the companies in the industry, Advantage Gold is fairly new. However, it is fully equipped with the tools, passion, and expertise to ensure your success.

Today is the best time there has ever been to diversity your portfolio with precious metals.

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