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July 20, 2021

Augusta Precious Metals Review: What You Need To Know About augustagoldira.com

Disclosure: The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Augusta Precious Metals or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Augusta Precious Metals and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.

The Bottom Line: Augusta Precious Metals through its customer services makes it possible for you as a customer to find the ideal partner that helps you understand which of the available ira accounts offers the best protection of your wealth on a long term basis.

augusta gold ira company

Premier Gold IRA Partner


  • Harvard-trained educators and most repeat business
  • Award-winning, high transparency and zero complaints
  • Provides web conferences for gold and silver
  • Thousands of excellent reviews + Joe Montana

Overall Rating


A+ BBB Rating

Average review rating 4.9/5 on TrustLink

Augusta IRA Pros & Cons

The following is a summary of the pros and cons when dealing with Augusta Precious Metals for its gold ira investing services:


  • Exceptional customer service and consistent 5-star reviews
  • No complaints recorded since the company’s beginning
  • The process for gold IRA account opening is simple, fast and highly transparent
  • Joe Montana is Augusta’s customer and corporate ambassador
  • Free reviews of gold and silver portfolios & web conferences with Harvard-trained director of education and his department


  • The thorough and transparent process takes a bit longer compared to other companies.
  • Don't provide platinum or palladium bullion; only gold and silver.

Augusta Precious Metals has consistently emerged as the best gold and silver IRA Company for investors seeking necessary education, professional guidance and utmost transparency. On this basis, the company has greatly benefited from repeat businesses and referrals, further fortifying their long-term relationships with clients.

The company is christened “guardians” in the corridors of the gold IRA industry because they have a reputation of letting clients know everything to expect when dealing in gold IRA. For instance, Augusta provides access to a video series titled “Bad Reasons to Buy Gold”, helping clients avoid common pitfalls in purchasing a gold backed IRA.

It is tremendously helpful for retirement savers who want to secure their future by investing in precious metals like gold and silver to work with a trustworthy retirement investment company such as Augusta Precious Metals.

Augusta Precious Metals is a precious metals IRA company founded and run by a family and providing full services for gold and silver IRAs. With over five decades worth of experience in the retirement gold industry for metals like gold and silver, the firm has been consistent and shown dedication to help customers make better retirement savings and gold in ira investment decisions.

Augusta is a fully service-focused company with an operation model pegged on a direct engagement with investors to grow their wealth using silver and gold IRAs, thereby securing their retirement goals.

As a mark of excellence, Augusta Precious Metals has a Business Consumer Alliance AAA rating and a Better-Business Bureau A+ rating. The company has also diligently played its role and offered great expertise to further financial industry associations.

Other industrial performance ratings that Augusta has received include a 5.0-star rating on TrustLink and numerous other positive reviews on social media platforms like Facebook. We have prepared this Augusta Precious Metals review to show the reader what they can expect with Augusta Company and how to make a befitting investment decision with retirement assets.

Are you concerned how the current economic conditions will impact your retirement income?

Are you worried that you may have a single resource when it comes to income streams during your retirement?
If your answer to either of these questions above is yes, then Augusta Precious Metals will allay such fears and provide you with trustworthy solutions.

Augusta Precious Metals is a market leader that has specialized experience and economic foresight in the gold and silver IRA market.

This company has given many Americans sufficient data and educational materials, providing a clear impression of what is happening in the economy and what to expect with long-term holding of physical gold and silver IRAs. The company is bent towards building assurance and giving peace of mind to American gold and silver investors to put their hard-earned money in precious metal IRAs.

Some of Augusta's clients include hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana who had specifically asked his advisors to find the most resourceful and committed retirement asset advisor, and, after a rather long vetting process, settled on Augusta Precious Metals. Beyond Joe’s participation in Augusta’s one-on-one custom web conferences, we are pleased that he is one of the many company’s corporate ambassadors.

The company’s Gold and Silver IRA investment plan is hinged on purchase of physical and tangible precious metals and not paper-based assets like stocks. Worthy to note, precious metal IRAs have quite superior tax advantages.

When it comes to price stability, the precious metal IRA is the clear winner. Paper stocks and the bonds are highly prone to price variations to the extent that their prices can easily hit zero under difficult economic conditions. Also, the default risk bonds market is higher.

On the other hand, most times clients are assured precious metal IRAs will always trade positively, with gold and silver retaining a favorable value despite the hard economic conditions in the recent past.

This safety found in commercial purchase and holding of precious metals allows Augusta to assist customers diversify their retirement accounts by investing in gold and silver IRAs. A precious metals IRAs will provide a substantial value buffer that absorbs the losses suffered in other asset classes in a retirement portfolio.  

Over the years, Agusta Gold has positioned itself by employing highly-trained professional agents who are tasked with investor education about the economy, in reference to purchase of gold and silver. The aim of the work of the Augusta team is to help consumers meet their financial freedom goals by diversifying to gold and silver portfolios.

The following part of this Agusta Gold  Review shows you know about the company’s bullion investment services that are on offer. We also provide answers to the most frequently-asked questions from potential investors, seeking to help the reader resolve if precious metals IRAs are a good financial option.

augusta gold ira company


Minimum Investment: $50,000

Promotion: Fees waived (depends on amount invested)

Fees:  $180 per year

About Augusta Precious Metals?

In their own words, Augusta Precious Metals Company refers to itself as “Your Premiere Gold IRA Company.” The company provides several services that are helpful to just about any retirement saver interested in alternative assets like physical gold and silver coins and bars, primarily to grow or preserve their retirement nest egg.

Augusta is committed to provide clients with an efficient and transparent plan for purchasing gold and silver. Also, the company’s professional guidance begins at the onset of the investment plan way before the purchase happens. For instance, Augusta is committed to helping American retirement savers with valuable information about the economy for solid financial decisions.  

The focus of Augusta’s consumer education runs beyond the point of transaction with clients. Most of the professional services run throughout the duration of the customer’s ira account. Also, the company has clear processes to guide a client in buying gold and silver from Augusta. That way, the purchasing of gold and silver in an IRA or outside of an IRA is easy, fast and accountable.

In a simpler explanation, the aim of Augusta’s proprietary conduct is to enable clients to become more confident with their precious metals purchases, availing a dedicated team of experts to guide consumers throughout the entire investment process.

Why Invest in Augusta Gold and Silver?

Probably the best thing about investing in gold and silver is that the assets will never be worth zero. That is why these assets are widely considered a safe investment option. Also, clients opt for Silver and Gold IRAs for risk diversification for their retirement portfolio because these precious metals are a completely different asset class compared to the common alternatives like company shares.

The dynamics determining the pricing of precious metals compared to those affecting the pricing of paper assets are different. For instance, the prices of precious metals have risen by substantial margins when the prices of paper assets are falling. Besides, Augusta has accurate data to show instances when gold and silver prices went high in times of hard economic conditions similar or worse to those we currently face.

Unlike the equities market, investments in gold and silver do not pay any dividends to the owner. Nonetheless, it should not deter anyone from purchasing precious metals because they are hard assets with tremendous diversification capabilities, more so when the rest of the economy is in the doldrums.

Purchasing silver and gold for diversification of retirement assets works mainly because precious metals prices tend to go up whenever prices of other asset classes are going down or are not bringing back “good” returns. This means that substantial wealth is preserved when precious metals counterbalance a fall in prices of other assets in an investor’s portfolio.

Augusta Precious Metals Gold History and Background

The Company’s CEO, Isaac Nuriani began Augusta Precious Metals Company in 2012, setting up offices in Beverly Hills in California. Augusta Precious Metals is greatly based on customer trust, ensuring quality services are delivered to American investors to secure their assets in a very transparent process.

The main objective of the company is to give clients peace of mind and make their lives easier.

To reach out to as many and diverse clients as possible, the company undertakes a precious-metals purchasing plan that is easy, affordable and tailored to the needs of an individual client. Additionally, Augusta takes care of all the paperwork on behalf of the client for a seamless process for the investor.

The main motivation for Nuriani setting up Augusta Precious Metals was to provide retirement savers with a steady solution to protect their savings through purchasing of precious metals which have proved to be stable assets. Though some precious metals companies existed, Nuriani did not find the one with the right amount of passion and integrity.

Augusta Precious Metals Products & Services Offerings

Augusta Precious Metals has specialized in the supply of many types of silver and gold bullion bars and coins approved for the IRA. Additionally, if you are a coin collector, you are going to benefit from this Company’s extensive variety of premium and collectible silver and gold coins.

A majority of the collectible coins that the company deals with are certified by the independent grading companies such as Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).

However, Augusta Precious Metals is not the right choice and will not work with an investor looking for palladium and platinum – the company does not deal in palladium and platinum.

Some of the major professional qualities setting Augusta Precious Metals Company apart from its competitors include:

  • The Company’s precious metals are priced very competitively
  • Clients are exempt from paying first-year fees on gold and silver IRAs
  • The Company provides shipping to its clients at zero extra cost

These benefits have helped the company provide cutting-edge services to first-time investors and the established customers. At the same time, Augusta Precious Metals have a buyback program which allows clients to sell back their precious metals holdings at market prices.

The company is committed to educate its clients and guide them towards making information-backed investment decisions. From Augusta’s website, clients can access a great deal of information on gold and silver investment, and learn the benefits of setting up a gold based IRA.

Also, on their companys' website FAQ page, clients can also learn and access more information on services, purchasing process, storage facilities and legal considerations.

Augusta Precious Metals is highly focused on delivering quality services to all clients interested in purchasing precious metals using their retirement savings. Some of the services provided by the company include the following:

  • Gold and silver IRAs
  • Cash purchases of gold & silver
  • Continuous education on economic performance and impact on precious metals market
  • Professional guidance to economic and gold/silver experts
  • Lifelong support for its clients

Gold & Silver IRA Purchases

The many years of experience at Augusta Precious Metals have helped clients acquire physical gold and silver in IRS-approved and tax-sheltered 401K Gold IRA form. As a start, the company provides plenty of educational resources and professional guidance to enable clients to learn the economy, and how the precious metal industry responds to the economic variation.

Potential investors get expert advice on the right types of coins and bars they can use to invest their hard-earned money. The many variables and product differentiation's available for purchase in the gold and silver market can be confusing and Augusta is committed to help clients make sense of it all.

Upon opening up an account for your gold IRA with help from Augusta Precious Metals experts, you will be able to select where to store your gold or/and silver from the several insured gold ira depositories. If you do not want to have to choose, opt to go for Augusta’s acclaimed ira depository - Delaware Depository in Wilmington, Delaware.

One of the main cogs for Augusta's operational model is safeguarding Americans their right of choice when it comes to how they want to save and the depository storage facilities they can use across the U.S. The client is free to choose the storage facility that is most convenient for them, and one that allows them to visit and see their precious metal assets whenever they wish.

All customer processes for a gold IRA at Augusta Precious Metals are self-directed, meaning the client retains control of all the transactions involving their precious metal assets. As a client, you will determine when sales and purchasing decisions should take place with your IRA. With this asset management method, The customer does not feel vulnerable as though they are dealing with the traditional retirement account manager.

The team of experts at Augusta Precious Metals are trained to guide the client to cover 95% of the paperwork and the documentation process.

The various departments at Augusta are set up to enable systematic flow of service delivery, from the first step to the last and on a clear line of work. Simultaneously, the Augusta team is available in each step of the investment journey, explaining all the necessary details to the client in a clear and confident way.

Gold & Silver Cash Purchases

Alternatively, Augusta Precious Metals will help clients who do not wish to open an IRA and would prefer to physically hold your precious metals in the selected and secure localities near them.

The company will have a secure process to allow you (the client) total control to determine how and where you want your precious metal assets to be stored, which can include home storage. This is how you can do it:

  1. Begin by opening up a new account with Augusta Precious Metals and then transfer cash to the account.
  2. Next you will have the chance to select your choice of Augusta’s pre-selected gold and silver to invest in.
  3. Once you have made your selection from the company’s gold and silver purchase options, sign up for delivery, and receive possession of your precious metals assets.

Lifetime Customer Support

One of the greatest benefits of Augusta Precious Metals is their culture to continually cultivate long-term customer relationships.

The company team of qualified staff will help you fill in the required documents and provide invaluable professional guidance from the opening of an account stage and throughout the investment horizon.

Some of the professional input you will receive from Augusta team of professionals include:

  • A customer success agent – This staff member is specifically assigned to you, and will give you all the answers you need on the basic questions or forward your request for information to the relevant department.
  • Economic analytics department – The work of this team is to keep track of the key economic performance indicators, and provide such information to you on the phone or through web chat. The team will map out the risk factors that affect your savings based on the performance of the market.

That way, you will have the necessary information required to maximize the growth of your retirement assets.

  • IRA Processing Department – This is the team responsible for handling all your current paperwork needs and additionally liaises with your custodian on your behalf.
  • Portfolio support – Augusta gold & silver agents assist clients to come up with a personalized portfolio of precious metals.
  • Augusta order desk assistance – The order desk assistants help clients to purchase extra gold or silver for their portfolios. They direct buyback processes and help clients to rebalance their portfolios of precious metals whenever it is needed.

Investment & Fees

Augusta Precious Metals Investment & Fees


Investment Minimum

Yearly Fees

Precious Metals IRA





$100 (for storage in a depository; $0 for your own storage)

When working with Augusta Precious Metals, an investor is required to purchase an IRA or non-IRA of at least $50,000. Additionally, there is an extra cost of $50 that is required to set-up an account for the investor.

Once the client has become an owner of a gold and silver IRA, they will pay an annual maintenance fee of $80 to Augusta’s preferred custodian, as well as an annual storage fee of $100 at the company’s preferred depository.

Augusta's Pre-selected Gold IRA Custodians

The Cost of Coins and Bullion

The cost of coins and bullions you can purchase through Augusta Precious Metals is determined by prevailing gold and silver spot prices and the market rates.

But then again, with Augusta, customers receive a price-match guarantee to give them extra assurance that they are getting the best prices in the market.

Augusta will charge an extra 5% on top of the cost of purchasing gold and silver bullion coins. However, the company does not charge any shipping or transit costs for all the eligible orders.

Augusta Precious Metals IRA Eligible Coins

augusta gold ira coins
augusta silver ira coins

Working with Augusta Precious Metals

One major benefit for working with Augusta Precious Metals is Augusta’s 7-Day Price Protection Program; the program locks the transaction rate immediately when the customer confirms their order over the phone.

Conversely, bullion prices are locked immediately when the company has received your payment. Luckily for customers, Augusta Precious Metals provides numerous quantity discounts on customers’ sizeable bullion orders.

Upon opening a gold IRA account, or making a purchase through Augusta Precious Metals, you qualify to receive a silver bonus of up to $2,000 together with an initial qualifying investment.

Customers who purchase premium gold and silver through Augusta Precious Metals have a right to cancel the order within seven days without any question asked. However, all of the successive purchases including bullion orders are final immediately, when the order is confirmed.

Augusta Precious Metals Storage Options

To provide superlative precious metal storage services to its customers, Augusta Precious Metals Company works in partnership with Brinks Global Services and the International Depository Services Group (IDS). The main goal for the storage services is to keep investors’ assets/precious metals in seven secure, independent storage facilities across the US and Canada.

augusta storage locations

Once a client’s purchase order and transaction is finalized, their assets will be immediately dispatched and land at the customer’s preferred storage facility in seven to ten days. That way, the client is assured that their assets are held in a safe, secure and easily accessible location. Augusta Precious Metals has storage facilities located the cities below:

Augusta Gold IRA Storage Facilities

Locations Of Storage Providers

Security Features For Storage

Other Storage Facility Details

  • Bridgewater, Massachusetts
  • Jackson, Ohio
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Vaults have Class 3 security
  • Fortified Building Construction
  • Latest Cutting edge security Protocols
  • You can schedule an appointment to visit your storage location to withdraw. touch or view your investment.
  • Additional storage fees are sometimes undisclosed.
  • Storage Facilities are independently owned and operated
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Nampa, Idaho
  • Knowledgeable staff who you have direct contact to.
  • Creditors do not have access to your investment
  • Insurance up to $1 billion
  • New Castle, Delaware
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • South Fargo, North Dakota
  • Compliant To Meet All Regulation Standards
  • Inventory Controls are strict
  • access controls are strict

For all purchases of precious metals that are not IRA, Augusta is ready to ship them directly to your mailbox or your ideal location in the country. Nonetheless, we strongly oppose client’s plans to store precious metals in their homes.

Augusta is reliable, offering 100% insured shipping of the precious commodities; the company will refund the entire buying price if a client’s precious metals get lost during shipping. Noteworthy, the company has no history of goods being lost during transit.

Gold IRA: Get This Guide to Learn All About It

Request your gold IRA guide, the same guide that enlightened and persuaded hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana to act on diversifying his retirement with gold. Thanks to his brilliant financial advisors he found Augusta. He was so impressed by what Augusta had to offer that he not only became a customer but currently serves as the company’s corporate ambassador.

Who is Augusta Precious Metals Best for?

Augusta seeks to help any client who is committed to making a sound investment in precious metals to earn a good return and diversify their retirement portfolio. Augusta Precious Metals is the best option for investors looking for a beneficial long-term relationship with the company and an alternative investment for diversification of their retirement nest-eggs.

What Makes Augusta Precious Metals Unique?

Augusta operates on a very unique business model. Most gold investment companies simply provide you with gold and silver, but Augusta is committed to walk with all its clients throughout the physical life of their precious metal portfolios.

The company provides its client with educational information, market intelligence, and maintains a close working relationship with its customers for simplified administration of additional purchase, buyback and other transactions and orders for precious metals.

Simply, you will not find more dedicated, informative services and support from a gold company!

The company employs a multi-team staff model to provide highly efficient services. All processes and services are simplified to cut cost, and flow seamlessly to reduce time and for customer delight.

Augusta analytics is always available to U.S customers to provide all the information required to make the important decisions likely to affect the value of precious metal portfolios. You can rest assured you will not feel ignored by the Augusta team ira experts, even after your transaction is complete.

Augusta has a membership with the National Ethics Association.

Other Augusta Perks include:

  • 7 Day Price Protection
  • Fast Shipping
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast Depository Distribution

Augusta Precious Metals FAQs

The following are most of the common questions asked by investors before they work with Augusta Precious Metals to open an IRA account:

How can gold & silver be held in a retirement account?

Gold and silver can he held in a customer-specific gold ira custodian account, which is fully-insured and completely separate from other clients precious metals.

Is Augusta Precious Metals Legit?

Augusta Precious Metals is an A+ rated gold ira company, that is accredited by the BBB or Better Business Bureau. In addition, the Business Consumer Alliance has awarded Augusta with the highest rating of AAA for excellence in customer service. August has received only one product-related complaint over all they years they have been in business and it has been resolved.

Where will the IRA's precious metals be stored and can I access my assets when I need to?

Your IRA’s precious metals will be stored in our Delaware Depository.

Who are the custodians used to do the actual 401K rollovers?

Equity Trust is the preferred ira custodian, used to execute the actual gold ira rollovers.

Which types of investment accounts can I roll over into a precious metals IRA?

A customer can rollover Roth, regular IRAs 401(k), as well as 403(b) accounts.

Is there an Augusta buyback program? If so, what are the criteria?

Yes, there is buyback program. While up to now the company claims it cannot guarantee a buyback, no customer buybacks have been denied. A client can sell back any precious metal they bought from the company at fair and market prices.

Does opening a precious metals IRA require lots of complicated paperwork?

Under normal cases, setting up a precious metals IRA involves plenty of complicated processes and documentation. Luckily, Augusta Precious Metals comes in handy because it does most of the work for its clients, allowing you to follow closely while they do the hard work.

How transparent are the pricing, delivery and refund terms and conditions for Augusta Precious Metals?

The pricing, policy and disclosures are clearly defined in the transaction agreement of Augusta Precious Metals.

How many days will it take Augusta Precious Metals to ship my precious metals to my ideal location after I have successfully concluded a buy?

The company takes between seven and ten days to ship and deliver precious metals upon confirmation of an order.

What are some of the types of gold and silver precious metals that are offered by Augusta?

Augusta Precious Metals provides silver and gold in various forms such as bullion bars, coins and premium coins.

How are my silver and gold stored by the Augusta Precious Metals company?

Augusta Precious Metals recommends and partners with non-government storage facilities with high-security amenities and full insurance for the depositories.

How long does the precious metals’ IRA purchasing process take?

Depending on the efficiency of the fund’s transfer platform used by the client, it usually takes five to ten days for a client to complete the purchase of silver or gold for their IRA.

What is the importance of investing in physical gold and silver?

Silver and gold investments are a different asset class from that of retirement portfolios. The main advantage of the precious metal market is price stability; the value of precious metals is stable, or may increase when prices in the mainstream fall.

Many investors of retirement assets are continually looking towards silver to diversify and safeguard their portfolios from market instability.

Can I monitor the performance of my gold IRA?

Yes, All customers can check and keep track of the performance of their IRAs whenever they want. Augusta Precious Metals sends its clients quarterly account statements to allow clients to review the performance of their IRA investment.

Is it possible to make withdrawals from a precious metals IRA?

The company allows its customers to withdraw the full or partial amount of their IRA account whenever they want to make the withdrawal. Alternatively, clients may opt to take actual gold or silver from the depository to settle a withdrawal request. The company is also open to sending money equal to the value of metals to the customers.

Like other forms of IRAs, you will be subjected to taxes and penalties for making early withdrawals from your gold IRAs. However, one can escape these taxes and penalties by taking the required minimum distributions (RMDs) upon attainment of 70.5 years in age.

Know that you can always use the RMD Calculator on Augusta’s website to figure out how much you can withdraw.

Do I have to pay the company any management fees for my Precious Metals IRA account?

Your gold IRA is self-directed, meaning you will be able to manage your account and direct operations. At the same time, it means you are not eligible to pay any account management fees. However, you are likely to pay custodial and storage fees associated with precious metal IRAs.

Gold IRA Comparison: Augusta Precious Metals vs. Competitors




goldco investment
noble gold precious metals
birch precious metals

Yearly Fee: $175-$225

Minimum Investment: $25,000

Promotion: 5% back on metals over $50k

Yearly Fee: $225

Minimum Investment: $2,000

Promotion: Buy back program

Yearly Fee: $180

Minimum Investment: $10,000

Promotion: Waived fees on larger investments

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews & 3rd Party Ratings

augusta precious metals reviews and ratings
For clear reasons, there are many review sites that rank Augusta Precious Metals as the most trusted gold company in the United States. The company takes pride in its 5-star rating from Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, and TrustLink.

Augusta Precious Metals TrustLink Reviews

A brief search on social media, Yelp and several websites shows Augusta Precious Metals consistently scores top marks for customer service experience, market intelligence and easy access and use of their service platforms.

To a great extent, the company’s excellence narrows down to its Harvard-trained director of education, who is leading a highly resourceful education department. Also, the company has been famed for its transparency in processes such as product pricing.

Below is a review of the company from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA):
“Augusta Precious Metals is an awesome company to work with, I am so delighted I got to know of them. They have been tremendously helpful, and have gone over and beyond to keep their customers well-informed on gold IRAs and what they plan to get into.” – John H.

Below is another quote from TrustLink:
“If I could describe Augusta Precious Metals, I would say they are knowledgeable, professional and pressure-free! They were very helpful and seemed to have all the right answers to my questions.” - Nancy D.

An finally, one from Better Business Bureau (BBB):
"After a rather long research on various gold and silver companies, I settled for Augusta and I could not be any more proud of that decision. I was particularly pleased with the company’s high professional standards and their approach to each of my wishes as a customer. For me, they simplified the challenging process of transferring money from an existing 401 to purchase gold and silver IRA". – Ron L.

Augusta Precious Metals Complaints

Apart from being accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Augusta Precious Metals is also A+ rated. Note: The highest rating of AAA is awarded by the Business Consumer Alliance to the company with the highest performance excellence. The company has received only a single complaint related to the products, and which has since been resolved.

According to TrustLink, Augusta has a perfect score of five out of five stars, and numerous positive reviews commending the company for its top class service. According to social media platform Facebook, Augusta scores 4.8 out of 5 stars.

The internal structure of an organization also matters. You can find the many Augusta employee reviews on Glassdoor which rates Augusta Precious Metal’s internal culture at 4.5 out of 5 stars. Numerous reviews show gratitude particularly to the company’s structure and the respectful handling customers received from the company staff.

Augusta Precious Metals Promotions (Restrictions May Apply)

  • First year fees are waived for new clients
  • 10% back in silver coins for new customers

How to Get Started with Augusta Precious Metals

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to get set up an ira account with Augusta Precious Metals, and you will be guided by a trained representative throughout the whole process.

These representatives help customers to settle on the right IRS-approved selections for their retirement assets. Some of the selections may be in gold coins of different weights, one-ounce silver coins issued by the United States Treasury Department. Specific gold and silver bullions are also allowed.

Step 1:

Once you get in touch with Augusta Precious Metals, you will be automatically connected to a customer success agent. The customer success agent you will be assigned will answer all basic questions and will be your point of reference for the entire process. Customer success agents are tasked with ensuring they provide solutions for all your needs.

Step 2:

Thereafter, your customer success agent leads you to the economic analytics team. The economic analytics team will reach you by phone or web chat to explain the state of the economy, and the impact the economy has on the gold and silver markets.

Step 3:

If you settle for Augusta Precious Metals, your customer success agent will refer you to the team responsible for IRA processing. The work of the IRA processing team is to help you successfully fill in your application forms for a new ira custodian, transfer request and rollovers. Additionally, they provide you with all the information you need to stay updated on the process and your funds movement.

Step 4:

Once all processes have successfully come to an end and funds have been received by the new custodian, the team that processes the IRA will lead you towards the order desk where you can purchase your precious metals, and send them to a secure location of your choice.

With Augusta Precious Metals, you can purchase gold, silver bullions, rounds, bars, premium coins of various weights.  Augusta also sells commemorative coins, certified coins, collector sets and proofs.

Final Verdict

We hope we have helped you and that you find this Augusta Precious Metals Review extremely resourceful.

Augusta Precious Metals is a reliable, renowned and respected company, and we would not hesitate to recommend its services to retirement savers wanting to invest in gold and silver for the first time.  

The company consistently shows outstanding commitment to educate consumers, offering transparent and seamless services are very rare in other organizations.

The high ratings acheived by Augusta Precious Metals are a clear manifestation of the company’s extraordinary approach of investing in precious metal IRAs, and the long-term planning considerations the company makes to its customers.

augusta gold ira company

Augusta Precious Metals

This is a company that boasts of a proven record of commitment to outstanding customer experiences and education that helps investors interested in saving through the use of gold and silver in IRAs for their peace of mind in retirement.

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