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July 20, 2021

Disclosure: The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Regal Assets or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Regal Assets and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.

The Bottom Line: Regal Assets is one of the foremost providers of both gold and cryptocurrency IRA rollovers. They have demonstrated outstanding service to customers and maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for more than 5 years.

regal assets precious metals

Our Partner

Great Choice


  • Offers both gold and crypto IRA's
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Made Inc. 500 list
  • Low annual fees
  • Great customer reviews

Overall Rating

A+ BBB Rating

Average review ratings

 4.6/5 on TrustLink
4.9/5 on Birdeye

4.0/5 on TrustPilot

Pros & Cons


  • Flat fee structure
  • Safe Segregated storage
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Impressive reputation


  • Not suitable for investors with low retirement accounts
  • Takes long (months) to conclude an entire rollover process
Prominent financial experts endorsing regal assets

Regal Assets Review: Gold Based IRA Overview

Regal Assets is backed by just about zero complaints, excellent customer reviews, a good selection of self directed IRA approved bullion coins and precious metals, and a fair pricing structure are the main reasons why Regal Assets has earned the top position in our Top Gold IRA company list. On the date that we wrote this review, Regal Assets is currently charging $0 for transfer or rollover fees, provides guaranteed shipping in less than 7 days (the fastest in this industry), and charges $0 admin and storage fees over the first year.

Regal Assets has gained many accolades and praise from its customers, celebrity investors, and industry insiders (refer to their testimonials page that continues to grow daily). When we contacted them by phone, the representative was extremely helpful and claimed that the company has had a 99.9% satisfaction rating since they opened, which makes them one of the very best in this industry. They also proudly told us they recently ranked in the 20th position in Inc. Magazine's famous top 500 list. Since then they have also featured in the top financial papers, including Market Watch, Yahoo! Finance, and Smart Money.

Cryptocurrencies or precious metals, which one are you interested in? Regardless of your choice, you might identity with the following three types of people:

Person type A: You get worried thinking about investing in the stock market because the volatility makes you lose sleep at night. So you are looking for the best precious metal to invest in as the alternative for safeguarding some of your wealth. You are aware that many celebrities and billionaires you have read about do keep their money in gold and silver, so you are prepared to do the same. 

Person type B: You have been a tech-savvy type of person and have closely followed the developments around cryptocurrencies industry, including all the latest research. You know how technology is driving everything and that cryptocurrency will most likely not be an exception in moving towards technology as well.

Person type C: You want everything, gold, silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc! To make sure you are not leaving any option off the table, in your quest to diversify your retirement investment portfolio, you want to take advantage of both the proven stability of investing in precious metals while also taking a chance on cryptocurrency as the latest and most promising asset class.

You already know which of the above 3 types of people you relate to, and if you do, then Regal Assets will be great news to you! Regal Assets is a company that offers both precious metals and crypto IRA's, to take care of all your retirement investing needs through high quality alternative individual retirement accounts.

celebrity clients that use regal assets

What You Need To Know About Regal Assets

Regal Assets specializes in providing retirement investing products that are held in gold and precious metals IRA options. Recently, this firm decided to branch out into a brand new area that now includes Bitcoin IRA accounts. Like the precious metal options, the organization's crypto IRAs have also received a lot of positive reviews and attention.

The unquestionable leader when it comes to the world of gold IRAs, Regal Assets proudly boasts several awards. Yet this firm also keeps up with the latest gold in ira trends. Today, they now provide their customers with a few of the top crypto IRA options currently available on the market.

Regal Assets has extended further than just a ranking as one of the best gold IRA companies of self-directed gold IRAs in the industry. They go that extra mile by offering consumers financial education and information that they need so that they can thrive during their retirement years.

You may be wondering what we mean when talking about educational resources? Regal Assets provides a complimentary Gold IRA informational kit. The company also offers an informative and professional Bitcoin IRA kit. When you start working with this company, you will be impressed by the highly educated and well-trained account representatives.

Knowledge is truly everything, especially within the financial sector. From earning more via 100x leverage to ways to lower your cryptocurrency tax liability, education is a representation of power. It is important to know as much as possible if you want to make your cryptocurrency investments worthwhile.

But knowing where and how to do these things has represented challenges. That was once true until Regal Assets decided to enter the "digital" currency scene.

This firm places an emphasis on making decisions that are well-informed. Regal Assets is also extremely proud of the high-quality services that their company provides.

Background:  How They Got Started

Tyler Gallagher, the CEO of Regal Assets, founded the company in 2009. The U.S. Corporate headquarters are based in Beverley Hills, California, along with Trade Floors situated in the UK, Dubai, and Canada.

Regal Assets has built a premium reputation when it comes to customer service, and they frequently feature prominently and favorably in many of the 3rd-party company reviews.

When they started out, the company was only a US precious metal dealer, where the firm quickly built a favorable reputation when it came to assisting US citizens to invest in precious metals and gold and how to include these metals in their retirement funds.

From the start, the company had its own dedicated Retirement Department for customers wanting to do a gold ira rollover or transfer their current retirement plans directly into a Gold IRA. Their 401k gold ira rollover professionals are also well-known for understanding the tax advantages and every procedure linked with different types of Precious Metals IRAs.

It did not take Regal Assets very long to secure themselves as a leader as one of the best Gold IRA Companies in the U.S., by having one of the best 401k roller offers.  But they didn't stop there...

Recent Developments And Expansion

Recent Assets has achieved a lot in the last few years. From their roots in the U.S., they have now expanded internationally, growing from a small US-based precious metal dealer into one of the International Alternative Assets Gold IRA Rollover Companies. Over the last few years, they have managed to open offices overseas and expand on their current product range to offer the best metals to invest in.

Assets Developments

• They have formed a partnership with the leading U.S. crypto-exchange Coinbase and a leading U.S. Gold IRA custodian, known as Kingdom Trust.

• Regal IRA™ was launched in the U.S. (the first-ever Alternative Assets IRA).

• You can now include precious metals, gold, AND cryptocurrencies into one IRA.

• Cryptocurrencies and Gold are now offered offshore to International and Institutional Investors across the globe via Dubai.

• Gold RRSPs launched in Canada

regal assets precious metals ira and cryto iras

Ratings And Reputation

The reputation that Regal Assets has earned is based on the main business as Gold based IRA experts and precious metals dealers.

They have appeared in the Forbes Investment Guide (the sole precious metals dealer to gain a mention), and they are also on the Inc 500 list as the 20th fastest-growing financial service company in the U.S. (the only precious metals company that was included here too). In addition, Regal Assets has been featured in Reuters and Market Watch.

Regal Assets recently became the sole "official partner" of the Royal Mint, based in the UK. The British Government owns the Royal Mint, and this association type is a "first of its kind" in its in-depth 1100 year history.

Any person that starts searching for the best Gold investment companies online, often immediately notices the reviews and hype around Regal Assets. That may put a few people off. However, with a bit more research it becomes easier to understand why this retirement gold ira investing company has such as high profile.

This has come about due to the reputation they have earned with the primary "independent" review sites that monitor the reputations and performance of the retirement gold backed ira business before they will give it a rating. This process includes taking consumer complaints and reviews into account and assessing how badly or well the company handles complaints they have received.

Business Consumer Alliance's Rating Awarded To Regal Assets

The Business Consumer Alliance awarded Regals Assets an AAA rating (the highest). In fact, there are no recorded complaints about this company. The BCA added this company onto their registry list in 2009. When compared to other retirement investment companies involved in this industry, Regal Assets has maintained an excellent track record. At the time of writing this article, the latest check revealed 57 Customer Reviews with a rating of 5/5 Stars.


On Trustlink there are more than 1000 Regal Assets reviews, with most of them around the 4.6/5 Star rating. Most customers mention how satisfied they are when working with this company. The names of 2 to 3 individuals working at the company have also cropped up several times. It also comes across that the associates are never pushy but rather patient with their clients, especially the people that were undecided and wary about whether they should be investing in precious metals or gold.

Most of the clients that left feedback via Trustlink happened to be first-time investors, who were concerned by the shortfalls in 401ks, and this uncertainty gave them good reasons to also be wary about precious metals investments. Most of the consumers also mention how they were burned in the past, where they watched their investment portfolio fail due to market fluctuations which was either a portion of these risks or sometimes due to poor advice or an organization that was unprofessional when it came to handling their money.

There are so many reviews relating to Regal Assets, which are mostly glowing ones. Most of the reviews are current so it appears that they have maintained consistent performance.

The Regal Assets website also states that any testimonials about the company posted at Trustlink are comprehensively verified by the BirdEye staff. This process takes around 2 weeks and entails them validating every email and calling many of the consumers that post the testimonials in order to make sure the reviews are genuine.


At BirdsEye, Regal Assets has more than 1,500 reviews, and the overall rating is 4.9/5 Stars.

Regal Assets Complaints And Reviews

Regal Assets has earned the top rating profile when compared to all of the 60+ gold bullion dealers and all the best IRA companies we have ever reviewed. Over a period of 3 years, Regal has only had 4 complaints (resolved) with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), with an A+ rating. Trust Link offered Regal Assets a 5-Star rating (the highest possible) from the 600+ positive ratings that clients have left. More than 12 customers have left a 5 Star rating for the company on Yellow Pages. The BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) reported no complaints about this company over the last 3 years.

Customer Service

Regal Assets takes pride in the exemplary reputation that it has built for outstanding customer service. There are also countless testimonials to prove this. They allocate knowledgeable and professional account executives to each client. These executives are available between 7 am to 6 pm PST Monday to Friday.

Services and Features Offered By Regal Assets

Regal Assets may have started out as a small operations, but by 2020, this company now has thriving offices all over the U.S., Canada, Dubai, and the United Kingdom. Just recently Regal has also expanded into Australia.

Their offices handles these services:

  • Home delivery of precious metals
  • Gold RRSP accounts based in Canada
  • Gold SASS and SIPP accounts based in the UK
  • International clients through the company's offices in Dubai

Today Regal is capable of storing and delivering cryptocurrencies and precious metals for its clients in just about all the developed nations across the globe. The crypto IRA allows customers to retain "digital assets", including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other types of "alternative assets".

precious metals and cryto for regal assets ira

Regal Assets Gold Products:

  • 1 kg Al Etihad Gold Bar
  • 1 kg Emirates Gold Bar
  • 1 kg Gold London Good Delivery List Bar
  • 1 oz Gold American Buffalo Coin
  • 1 oz Gold American Eagle Coin
  • 1 oz Gold Australian Kangaroo Coin
  • 1 oz Gold Austrian Vienna Philharmonic
  • 1 oz Gold British Britannia Coin
  • 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • 1 oz Gold Chinese Panda
  • 1 oz Gold Islamic 8 Dinars Coin
  • 1 oz Gold London Good Delivery List Bar
  • 1 oz Gold South African Krugerrand
  • 10 oz Gold London Good Delivery List Bar

Regal Assets Silver IRA Products:

  • 1 oz Silver American Eagle
  • 1 oz Silver Australian Koala Coin
  • 1 oz Silver Australian Kookaburra Coin
  • 1 oz Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • 1 oz Silver British Britannia Coin
  • 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • 10 oz Silver London Good Delivery Bar
  • 100 oz Silver London Good Delivery Bar
  • Kilogram Silver London Good Delivery Bar

Regal Assets Platinum Products:

  • 1 oz Platinum American Eagle Coin
  • 1 oz Platinum Australian Koala Coin
  • 1 oz Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Regal Assets Palladium Products:

  • 1 oz Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • 1 oz Palladium PAMP Bar
  • 10 oz Palladium PAMP Bar

Regal Assets Gold Portfolios

Regal Assets provides a gold portfolio for every standard, with four kinds that come with various benefits and features:

  • $25,000 Legacy Portfolio: Provides investors with potential for quick returns.
  • $50,000 Kingship Portfolio: Designed for investors to take advantage of inflation protection, based on one of the impressive custom design models.
  • $100,000 Dynasty Portfolio:  Great for yielding high returns on initial investment, better stability against inflation and other uncertainties in the market.
  • $250,000+ Coronation Portfolio:  Designed for long-term oriented wealth accumulation goals for high net worth investors.

Regal Assets Packages:

Currently, Regal Assets offers two personal packages:

  • $5,000 Merchant Package:  These precious metals (gold or silver) investments offer the advantage of quick liquidation in times of need.
  • $10,000 Knighthood Package:  Investors interested in securing a financial cover for their loved ones can opt for this package.

Regal Assets: Pros And Cons

The Pros:

  • Informative and free Bitcoin IRA guide package
  • Emphasis placed on all the educational resources
  • 24-hour incomparable account opening procedure
  • Outstanding Track Record: Regal Assets boasts a close to flawless track- record along with a 99% customer satisfaction
  • Highest ratings possible from TrustPilot, BBB, and BCA
  • Fast Processing and Shipping: With Regal, customers are guaranteed to have their gold arrive on their doorstep when they decide to withdraw a part of or their entire investment from storage (the process takes less than a week). If they fail to deliver within a week, they offer one free Silver American Eagle coin.
  • Segregated Storage Facility: Instead of storing your investment (precious metals) along with investments from other clients, you are offered your own storage facility to hold your bullion, bars, and coins  (each in its own compartment). This may be surprising, but Regal Assets only charges $150 annually for these facilities, where the market standard is around $250.
  • Experts in Gold IRA Rollovers: Regal has extensive knowledge when it comes to the IRS and they are an extremely trustworthy and reliable gold and precious metals investment firm. They avoid the mistakes such as buying incorrect coins or the wrong documentation of the IRA, which helps you to save a lot of time and money over the long run.
  • Flat Rate Fees: Every retirement account is charged a flat-rate fee of $250 regardless of how little or how much they hold. These fees are waived for the 1st year for precious metals, which means fees are only charged from the second year onward.

The Cons:

  • The volatile and unpredictable nature of the crypto market overall.
  • Customers have to ask for their complimentary kit in order to find out about the storage and administration charges.
  • A minimum investment amount is a requirement to buy physical gold with 401k.

These drawbacks are relatively minor when taking every benefit into account when using a company like Regal Assets. Furthermore, problems like cryptocurrency volatility are not related explicitly to any brand or company.

Nevertheless, it is important to consider these risks, and Regal Assets can help you through this, thanks to their strong focus and dedication to education.

Why Regal Assets Is Your Best Choice To Help with Investments

  • When you work with Regal Assets, you can rest assured that they will put your well-being first. That means that before you make any major investment decisions, they'll give you all the info you need.
  • Many investment companies like to push clients into investing in specific high-risk areas, such as collectibles, so that they can receive higher payment fees. Regal Assets doesn't believe in manipulating their clients. They guarantee that your IRA will be backed by IRS-approved bullion of the highest purity.
  • When you work with Regal Assets, you'll be able to choose from several options for storage, and all of them being cost-effective and with full insurance backing.
  • Any fees or commissions charged by Regal Assets are completely transparent -- you won't find yourself shocked by surprise costs.

Regal Assets Has a Long History of Credibility

You don't have to take our word for it; Regal Assets has been highly reviewed by a number of major review sites, earning top marks for its service. For example, gold ira reviews from on TrustLink go out of their way to note how incredible the customer service provided by Regal Assets was. Regal specializes in helping customers to roll over IRAs in a safe and secure way, and the experts and advisors at Regal have been praised over and over for the way they guide and assist their clients. Professional reviewers have heaped a number of impressive credentials onto Regal Assets, including:

  • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, based off that organization's complex, 16-point evaluation
  • An a great rating of 4.6 out of 5 from TrustLink, which is partially based on direct reviews from Regal's customers
  • A rating of AAA (which is the best possible) from the Business Consumer Alliance

You Can Get Signed Up with Regal Assets on the Internet Today

Very few Gold IRA companies will let you set up your account online, but Regal Assets delivers, whenenver a gold ira comparison is done, where its competitors cannot. Having the option to set up your account online means less waiting to get your traditional or roth Gold IRA started and get your metals in your hand. Here are the three simple steps that will get you hooked up with Regal Assets:

  • Step #1: Go to the Gold IRA setup portion of the website and fill in the form. If you'd prefer to fill it out physically, you can also request Regal Assets to ship you a Startup Kit for free.
  • Step #2: A Regal Asset's Specialists for Gold and Silver IRAs will get in touch with you and work with you to make sure you get your IRA on the right track.
  • Step #3: Then it's time to choose which metals you want to go with and decided how much funding you'll put into them!

What Fees Does Regal Assets Require?

Regal Assets requires clients to pay an annual fee of $90 for administration, as well as a yearly fee of $125 to pay for storing your metals in a vault. Notably, Regal does not charge any administration or set-up charges for at least a year.

Regal Assets Fees For Precious Metal IRAs

Annual Fees:


administration fee


Storage fee


How Regal Assets Has Expanded Since 2015

It was all the way back in 2015 that Tyler Gallagher, the CEO of Regal Assets, decided it was time to further develop the brand that the company was known for. At the time, Regal Assets had already made a name for itself as a precious metals dealer in the United States. Gallagher envisioned growing the company into an internationally active Alternative Assets company. This expansion has been a huge success. Here's how they pulled it off:

  • First, Regal Assets moved from just offering precious metals and added cryptocurrency to its products.

    According to Gallagher, cryptocurrencies are for modern times what silver and gold were to our past. In keeping with that philosophy, Gallagher has said that his plan is to shift Regal Assets toward Blockchain Technology.
  • Before Regal Assets' transformation could be complete, the company had to begin operation on an international scale. To achieve this, two new branches were opened in 2017 -- one in Canada and one in Dubai.
  • The United Arab Emirates offers huge tax benefits, including for offshore and global business. This means that Regal's new Dubai branch was able to offer opportunities to both international investors and those operating locally.

    Regal Assets may be relatively new to Dubai, but it has been quickly embraced by the UAE government. In November of 2017, Dubai officials gave Regal the first (and to this day only) license provide cryptocurrency to investors located in the Middle East. At this point, it's safe to say that Regal Assets has successfully expanded beyond its amazing reputation as a precious metals dealer and is now a completely legitimate trader of cryptocurrencies as well.
  • Meanwhile, Regal's Calgary-based Canada office focused more on growing the Gold IRA services that the company was so well-known for in the United States. Allowing the citizens of Canada to back their retirement funds with precious metals was a huge addition to the Canadian market. Gold registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) in Canada are now a core piece of Regal's business.
  • The changes and additions to Regal's business were so successful that at the end of 2018, Forbes asked Tyler Gallagher (the CEO of Regal Assets) to join the company's Finance Council. The Forbes Finance Council is a discerning group of CFOs, founders, and CEOs that is only joinable by special invitation.
  • Regal Assets began a partnership with two companies -- Kingdom Trust and Coinbase -- in late 2019. With these two partners, Regal has quickly became the number one choice for cryptocurrency-based IRAs.

Regal's Product Range For Alternative Assets

Regal Assets focuses on two area of Alternative Assets: cryptocurrency and precious metals. The company is planning to add more assets to their service offerings soon.

Regal's Precious Metal Offerings

No matter where you are located, Regal Assets can work with you to offer precious metals for your current IRA. Their United States locations offer help to anyone located within North America, while other customers around the world can work with Regal through its Dubai branch.

You can find more information about the range of precious metals available from Regal Assets on the company's website. The precious metals on offer include platinum, gold, silver, and palladium bullion.

Regal's silver and gold bars are available in numerous sizes and weights are based off your needs. They also offer silver and gold coins from around the world. The wide range of offer include:

  • Silver American Eagles
  • Gold South African Krugerrands
  • Silver Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Gold Austrian Philharmonics
  • Gold American Buffalos
  • Silver Australian Kookaburras.
regal assets ira gold and silver

Regal's Cryptocurrency Offerings

Regal offers cryptocurrency from two different locations.

Customers based in the United States are only able to work through the U.S. Current United States government laws and regulations don't allow citizens of the U.S. to purchase cryptocurrencies from companies outside the U.S., or at least not very easily.

If you live outside of the United States, you can take advantage of Regal's international-facing Dubai office.

Regal offers a huge range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and investors from the United States can purchase $10,000 or more.

One of Regal's primary goals in all of their transactions is to make sure everything is stable, safe, and protected. To help achieve this, they offer a wide range of discretionary services, including:

  • Loading cryptocurrency purchases into a password-protected "offline wallet" (think of it like a flash drive with your crypto stored on it)
  • Arranging vault storage for your digital and offline wallets at reasonable pricing, ensuring that your assets are as safe as possible
  • Setting you up with market value insurance for your cryptocurrencies
regal assets cryptocurrency iras

Regal's Packages for Alternative Asset Investment

If you visit Regal Assets' website, you can find a full list of recommended asset investment options. When it comes to investments, there are many paths you can go down, but Regal Assets can help you find the package that's best for your situation -- from a $5,000 custom-created package for individuals who are new to investing, all the way up to packages worth $250,000 or more for institutions or individuals with more money to devote to their investments. Whatever level of investment package you go with, Regal makes sure that the packages are diversified.

Regal Assets offers "Protection and Security" options focused on precious metals, while the company's "Investment and Retirement" packages bring cryptocurrency investment into the mix. Whether you're a short-term, long-term, or one-time investor, Regal Assets can find options that work for you.

In order to figure out what works best for your needs, Regal Assets provides one-on-one meetings with experts at the company to help you determine the best path forward.

Cash investment requires a minimum starting amount of $5,000, while IRAs require $10,000.

Regal's New Alternative Assets IRA from 2018

During the summer of 2018, the Regal IRA program was launched -- the first Alternative Assets IRA offered across the U.S.

The Regal IRA is just the latest step in Regal's shift from its origins dealing in precious metals to becoming a much broader alternative assets provider.

The Regal IRA provides a more adaptive product than the cryptocurrency and gold directed IRAs previously offered by the company. Instead of being stuck with just crypto or just metals, the Regal IRA gives you the freedom to combine the two.

Regal's goal is to continue adding other alternative assets to its offerings, and those assets will immediately be available within the Regal IRA, whether you want to invest in them on their own or add them to your portfolio of other assets offered by Regal.

The Regal IRA allows you to include any of the following in your IRA:

  • Precious metals, including gold (similar to the classic Gold self directed IRA)
  • Cryptocurrency (similar to the classic Crypto IRA)
  • A mix of both cryptocurrency and precious metals ( some would refer to as the best performing IRA)
  • Any future new alternative assets that Regal Assets adds to its offerings, as an addition to other assets
  • Any future new alternative assets that Regal Assets adds to its offerings, as new individual investments

According to Tyler Gallagher, the CEO of Regal Assets, the Regal IRA was designed with future-proofing in mind. The company wanted an option for gold investors where they could easily add in future assets without having to up-end current investments or keep the new assets separate.

regal assets ira precious metals

How Bitcoin and Gold Are Connected

Recent studies have shown that bitcoin and gold are correlated in an inverse manner. In other words, when the value of one of these two climbs, the value of the other drops.

Gallagher and the experts at Regal point to this as evidence for why combining these two asset types in a single retirement investment is such a great idea. The two assets are balanced, ensuring you won't lose money from going all in on one or the other.

The markets are always going to follow an ebb and flow that is impossible to control or perfectly predict. But Regal helps its clients to make wise choices and thoughtfully diversify their portfolios. Investing in two assets that have inverse correlation is the perfect example of diversifying in a wise way that protects your investments.

What Options Are Available for the Regal IRA?

Regal Assets offers a range of products with complete IRS regulation compliance that can be part of a Regal IRA. They include:


  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Stellar
  • Zcash


  •  American Eagle Coins
  • Australian Kangaroo/Nugget Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Credit Suisse Gold - Pamp Suisse Gold Bars. 999
  • US Buffalo Gold Uncirculated Coins (No Proofs)
  • Bars and Rounds as referenced Below (1)


  • American Eagle Coins
  • Australian Kookaburra Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Mexican Libertad Coins
  • Bars and Rounds as referenced Below (1)


  • American Eagle Coins
  • Australian Kaola Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Isle of Man Noble Coins
  • Bars and Rounds as referenced Below (1)


  • Bars and Rounds as referenced Below (1)

*(1) Bars and rounds produced by manufacturers accredited by Nimex/Comex, LME, LBMA, NYSE/Liffe/CBOT, and ISE-900 or a national mint.

Why You Should Consider Precious Metals for Your Regal IRA

Long before it became the much bigger alternative asset company it is now known as, Regal Assets LLC., got its start by helping U.S. citizens invest their retirement funds in precious metals such as gold.

Regal's Gold Roth IRAs became a standard in the industry and earned them praise and success. Whether you want to focus on a stand-alone Gold IRA account or include precious metals as just a part within a broader Regal IRA, you can benefit from the many years of experience and skill Regal has with precious metals.

Fees and Pricing

When you work with Regal Assets to set up an IRA, you will be quoted a fee, including charges for delivery. You'll be given the quote by an account executive. If you choose to accept that quote, the price will be locked in, which means no matter how the market fluctuates in the future, that price will not change.

Regal's fees are extremely competitive across the board, but there are some particular benefits within the structure of fees for IRAs. Especially for clients who are new to investing, it's easy to not realize just how much money can get eaten up in hidden fees.

Many of Regal's competitors use scaling fees that take a percentage of the account's total value. Regal itself, however, has chosen to stick with extremely reasonable flat fees that are paid annually. You can expect to pay approximately $150 a year to store your assets and another $90 yearly in administrative costs. Since your portfolio will be gaining value over time, the scaling fees can add up quickly; with Regal Assets, you can rest soundly knowing exactly how much will be required of you, no matter how valuable your portfolio becomes.

Even better, you won't need to pay those fees for the first year with Regal Assets. The company waives any administrative, storage, and setup fees for the first year for any investments that exceed the minimum of $10,000.

Regal Assets also offers more for its low fees than many other companies. For example, most asset management companies will charge more to provide segregated storage; for Regal, the yearly $150 storage fee includes segregated storage.

Even if your account is a combined IRA with both cryptocurrency and precious metals, you'll only have to pay the single flat administrative fee.

regal assets ira rollover promo

Regal's Buyback Program

What if you want to end your investment in precious metals?  Regal Assets makes it easy; they promise to purchase back any metals from your IRA at a price that is over the spot. You'll receive funds from your investment within one business day of asking Regal to liquidate your investment.

Insurance And Delivery

Regal Assets provides a 7-day delivery guarantee where they compensate their customers with an American Eagle one-ounce silver coin should the delivery not arrive within 7 days. This is compared to the delivery time frames of between 30 to 90 days with most of Regal's competitors. The orders are all sent in very discreet packaging by FedEx, UPS registered mail or UPS which will depend on the location of the customer.

Every shipment is also insured according to its full-market value, while Regal takes complete responsibility for every delivery right up to the stage that the customer receives the order and it is accounted for. A tracking number is assigned to the customer which enables a way to trace the order from when it is dispatched until the stage of receipt. For institutional larger-sized orders, Brinks delivers with armored guards.


For the precious metal IRA or 401K orders where the regulations from the IRS * don't permit customers to take possession personally of their metals, Regal Assets arranges storage on behalf of its customers (*Until the person reaches 59 and half years of age, their gold has to be stored and insured in their name at a depository that is IRS-approved).

Regal arranges segregated storage, which means the customer's metals won't be mixed or commingled with other customer's orders. This is crucial since it identifies the metals as assets that you own and that they belong to you alone. This also means that your metals cannot be seized if the depository, Regal Assets, or other customers have their orders (assets) frozen for any reason.

Brinks is Regal's preferred depository and they are based in Salt Lake City. They also don't charge for their segregated storage services, and the insurance also stays the same.

Once your precious metals have arrived at a depository, the delivery and the storage will be recorded on video. Regal Assets was the first firm in this industry to provide such peace of mind and assurance to its customers.

Regal also provides clients with a facility to store their metals overseas when they need or choose to, without incurring penalties or taxes.

How To Include Cryptocurrencies In Your Regal IRA™

Since December 2017, Regal Assets launched a unique and new Crypto IRA in the U.S. This progression was natural to allow customers to include crypto and precious metals such as gold into their accounts for retirement.

Since the launch of this Regal IRA™, things have progressed one step further. Clients now have the choice of an IRA that contains only cryptocurrencies (a "traditional" Crypto IRA) or one that contains combinations of Alternative Assets and cryptos.

The investment for these accounts is set at a minimum of $10,000 with no upper limits.

As one of the established market leaders in Gold IRAs, in America, Regal Assets knew it was time to evolve by offering "digital gold" along with traditional gold or other precious metals for inclusion into retirement accounts within the US where cryptos are IRS-approved.

Benefits of Crypto IRAs:

  • It allows clients to make an investment in crypto without the need to release "new funds" since clients have the option to use their current investment funds that are already in their retirement accounts.
  • It provides a legitimate method to avoid a few of the restrictive and complicated IRS regulations that surround cryptocurrency gains.
  • There are a few tax advantages
  • There are no penalties

When Regal Assets announced that they would start including cryptos in their IRAs, Tyler Gallagher, the CEO emphasized that the firm belief of the Company is that cryptos and gold work well together for balanced retirement portfolios.

Unlike their competitors, Regal has not limited cryptos in IRAs to only Bitcoin.

The elements that have set Regal Assets ahead of its competitors is that they offer their Crypto client base the choice (but no obligations to):

  • An Offline Wallet - This allows for a way to load the cryptocurrencies of their customer's onto encrypted, password-protected independent offline devices (called the Regal Wallet) which is similar to a thumb drive or hard drive that has not been networked to internet accessible devices, which makes them hacker-proof.
  • Cold Storage - These wallets can also be stored physically in a secured vault for superior protection and security. In partnership with Brinks, they provide vaulted-storage for free over the 1st year, and then a 0.07% monthly rate for storage along with a flat fee annual rate of $230 for admin. For those that hold IRA Accounts that include cryptos and metals they only pay a total admin fee of $230 (meaning they won't be billed twice).
  • Lloyds Of London Insurance

When your "wallet' is in "cold storage" (vaulted), the cryptos that are loaded onto the wallet will be insured by Lloyd's of London to a maximum of $20 million (per incident).

These attractive benefits take away most of the risks or horror stories linked with making investments in cryptocurrency.

What Are The Timetable To Set Up A Regal IRA™ Account?

Regal provides an impressive response time when it comes to setting up accounts. This is thanks to their dedication to premium customer service along with digitized documentation processes that make it more efficient for their staff and their customers.

Most investment accounts are set to go within 24 hours. For an IRA transaction fund transfer request from a gold ira custodian, they are usually processed within 48 hours, while the 401k rollover processes are typically completed in 15 to 30 days.

The Regal IRA™ Transfer Or Gold 401K Rollover Process

This process is completed in 4 simple steps:

Step 1:

The first step involves completing a form directly on the Regal Assets website.

Once you have completed the online form, you should typically receive the necessary IRA documentation (on the same business day), which will be completed on your behalf. All that is required from you is to sign the form electronically before you return it via email.

Step 2:

Your new IRA account will be active within 24 hours, You will be sent an email notification that will confirm your account number. From here, Regal will send you the paperwork for a transfer request that you can submit electronically. Once Regal receives the paperwork they then contact the gold ira custodian you are currently using to initiate the fund's transfer into your new IRA account.

Step 3:

The staff members work on your behalf (behind the scenes), along with updating you by email or phone as soon as each step of these transfer processes is completed. And the staff will show you how to move your 401 to gold without penalties.  As soon as the funds clear in your account, an Account Executive will then contact you directly to help you buy gold with your IRA or other precious metals or Crypto.

Step 4:

Once you receive the "green light" the price is locked in, which means your purchase is then funded into your account. If you decide to include metals in your IRA, they will reach the Brinks depository within 7 days. Once the metals arrive, you will receive a notification, from here you can monitor the account online, and any of the products in it.

Regal Assets Crypto IRA FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

One of the easiest ways to find out more about financial investment firms is to read over what customers frequently ask. Here are what users and prospects of Regal Assets Cryptocurrency IRA are interested in finding out:

Who Should Be Considering Regal Assets?

Regal is an excellent choice for people that are still new to Bitcoin IRAs and cryptocurrency investing. The focus of the company on education along with the first-time Buyer Program has made it the best option for people that have never invested in crypto before.

Is Regal Assets Legit?

Regal Assets is not only one of the leading crypto-financial companies, but they also have accreditation's to back this up. This company has over 600 Five Star reviews on TrustLink, which is a highly trusted review site in the U.S.

The BBB (Better Business Bureau), gave Regal Assets an A+ accreditation and rating. The Company also has a Triple AAA accreditation and rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

What Do Clients Love About Regal Assets?

From excellent customer reviews and testimonials to just about no complaints, Regal has set one of the highest standards when it comes to digital currency retirement accounts. Customers also enjoy the fair fee structures and a great selection of IRA approved cryptocurrencies.

What is more, Regal Assets is also well-known for its impressive 24-hour account-opening service. These incredible services offer a customer-centric, welcome approach when it comes to investing.

Are Regal Asset Cryptocurrency IRA Accounts Secure?

Regal provides impressive options of cryptocurrencies available for IRA accounts. This company has also made security one of its top priorities. They work very hard to make sure their cryptocurrency IRAs are the most hacker-proof products currently available on the markets.

Every asset is completely insured where you can take advantage of "cold storage" which ensures the highest levels of security. None of the other crypto IRAs provides these standards when it comes to safety and selection.

Regal Assets Cryptocurrency IRA Review

Many customers keep turning to Regal Assets when it comes to their investment requirements for good reasons. The Company is backed by a highly impressive reputation when it comes to precious metals IRAs. It has also applied these same lessons on how to handle crypto IRAs, as we have already mentioned in this Regal Assets Crypto IRA review.

Along with all the advantages linked to opening an account with Regal Assets, is the benefit of competitive fee structures. You can be sure that financial advisors always have your best interests in mind. Regal is far ahead of its competitors in regards to stellar customer reviews, and minimal complaints.

Receive Your Free 401k To Gold Rollover And Gold IRA Kit

If you are interested in finding out more about Regal Assets and the products they have on offer, the services, and the fees, we suggest asking for a Free Gold Investment Kit. This kit includes an edition of Smart Money and Forbes, where Regal Assets featured. You may also receive a DVD (limited time offer) "The End of The Road: How Money Became Worthless".

Conclusion And Summary

Regal Assets boasts a superior profile online. Many of the reviews relating to this Company on investment websites, consumer independent advocacy sites, and many review sites seem to be extremely positive. Taking this high exposure into account, there are also very few complaints or negative reviews.

  • Regal Assets is one of the highest rated investment firms that focuses on the requirements of each of their customers along with superior customer care.
  • Regal Assets has its own dedicated department for IRAs that is run by professional experts that have a comprehensive understanding of retirement planning along with the linked tax implications and advantages when it comes to IRS regulations and rules.
  • Regal is now an international business, where they have recently opened offices in Canada to assist Canadians to invest in gold and precious metals through their RAs (Retirement Accounts). In Dubai, they service gold investors from all over the world.
  • Regal Assets developed its brand as the best company for IRA using Precious Metals to a thriving International Alternative Assets Company.
  • Regal Assets is also the only and first Company to provide an Alternative Assets IRA.
  • Regal Assets are completely regulated and licensed by the Dubai government when it comes to selling every type of cryptocurrency to international and local gold investors from their office based in Dubai. They also provide hacker-proof offshore and offline cold storage, insured 100% (for full market value).
  • Due to the partnership they have with Kingdom Trust And Coinbase since November 2019, Regal offers the best Crypto IRA currently available on the market.
  • Regal Assets provides several products and packages at extremely competitive prices, which are all explained on their user-friendly and comprehensive website.

When considering alternative assets which include cryptocurrencies and precious metals, and Alternative Assets IRAs with cryptos and gold included, Regal Assets are regarded as a market leader regardless of whether you are an experienced or new investor.

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Regal Assets

Regal Assets offers a great selection of IRA-approved bullion investment coins, cryptocurrencis and precious metals at fair prices while they boast of impressive ratings and excellent customer reviews with almost zero complaints.

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